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Hi Friend…

Im Malene – 

Coach, homesteader, artist, Mother, Wife, Light Language Priestess, Channel, medicine woman and mainly – me.

Until 2021 I was deeply asleep to the wonders of the universe, and lived a “regular” life with my husband and 4 kids in our forest house here in Denmark.

A rapid awakening took me to corners of the universe that I have only dreamed off, and into a deeper connection with everything.

I strive to make spiritual awareness a part of everyday life, but as a part of your life, not the whole life. As with everything its a balance!

If you are ready to see new light inside of you, expand into the person that you have always know yourself to be and actually live a magical life, in every now moment, but you dont quite know how to get there, I would be honored to walk along side you as you rediscover your own brilliance.

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Sustainable Living

Light Language

Heart Centered Business

What I believe

You are Divinely Empowered

Your unique experience of the world is allowed to be magical. Finding ways that the divine shows up for you so that you can trust the magic to show up.

You are brilliant

There is something in you, that is very unique to you. An expression that only you can give to the world. We need you to live from there.

Sustainable Living

We need to take good care of our earth, and our bodies to sustain us during this shift in consciousness. In everything, I strive to work together with Mother Earth. 

Unblock Session

For curious souls willing to shine new light into their life

You know “something” is holding you back. You feel in your bones that you are made for more than “this”. Only problem is that you cant pinpoint that “something.

Through our gentle 1:1 session I will connect to your energyfield and locate the blocks. I will tell you everything I find. It may be past lives, Ancentrial trauma or soul contracts. Whatever it is, we will look at it, and if needed I will send Light Language healing to it to transmute it and have the block leave your system.


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