Realize your true potential and create your own version of success.

Being an entrepreneur is more than having a successful business. Its about creating a dream life, with freedom as a central part of how you want to live your life. Its about making a comfortable family income from your passion and making space for real life –  family, friends and you at the same time.  

But sometimes you get stuck in the noise of it all. Its hard to know where its in your best interest to listen up and where you need to close your ears real tight, like a defiant two year old. There’s a new trend around every corner and a shiny, slick, six-figure business owner telling you that their product is the only thing you need to succeed. Oh yes, they have “The Formula”.

You do your best to follow their advice. But when you’re done, your head is spinning with the list of “shoulds”, while you feel even more lost than you were before. And your business is veering off in a direction you really didn’t want to take it.

You’re wondering if there might be another way. Your way. Where you build a business according to your own blueprint and values, rather than chasing someone else’s magic path to success.

Commit to doing things differently this time!


The full life mastermind

Imagine that you have a group of business friends that are as passionate about you living your best life as you are. 

The full life mastermind  is a mastermind of online entrepreneurs wanting to lead and grow their business, in a way that is sustainable to them. It is a non judgmental approach to what that looks like, and it is help for you to find it, if you need it. You have a leader inside you, wanting to take charge and lead the way to something great.

You believe you were made for more – and so do I! Sometimes its just hard to get it out when you are alone. With a group of like-minded entrepreneurs you will be fully supported, and probably find some of the best business friends you will ever meet. 

Here is the opportunity to:

  • Have aha moments about your potential
  • Get new perspectives on your situation
  • Learn how to lead yourself and even a team to the goals you have
  • Be the leader you were meant to be
  • Find business friends that “get it”.

Being a solopreneur is a path you choose, and one that you walk alone, but you dont have to be lonely on that road. With the full life mastermind you choose massive action, massive growth and massive hygge. 

Hello my friend - I'm Malene.

Going through the hardest thing anyone will ever need to face, losing a child, I had to look life straight in the eyes and figure out what the good life was to me. 

I then repeated the process over and over in different areas of my life, my health and my business to ensure that I am not wasting time here doing things just because I “should” or because someone wants to sell something. 

I insist on bringing hygge and community into my business.

I am a natural dreamer and thrive on bringing oppotunitys in to the light, and I thrive on helping others find their unique superpowers and help them create a business around them that suits them. 

This is not a formula. This is not something that you will not be able to do on your own. This is just something that is much more enjoyable when you are part of a group that are all striving to acheave their best full life. 

Here is what you get

Group coaching calls – Every other week we touch down with the group, acountability call that will get you moving in the direction you want to go.

Private one on one kick off session with me.

Virtual meet up days – on the October 20th and December 10th we meet for a full day of ACTION – details will be sent to you.

Private slack community – bringing you out of the noise of social media and into a private setting where you get excited to see notifications on your phone again.

Coffee chats – For catching up on everything and nothing – its like hygge in a private coffeeshop – these will be in the alternate weeks to the group calls.

This is for you if you are

  • Open to meeting new people
  • Ready to lead yourself on what might be a new and scary path
  • Open to other ways of doing things
  • Non-judgmental about other people and open to the values others bring in all of their glory
  • Moving up in the world.
  • making a living with your business as your main source of income.
  • Based in Europe (or you are willing to meet during work hours in Europe)

This is NOT for you if you 

  • think that status que is amazing and you dont want to change a thing
  • think that there is a magic formula that is the only thing missing from your 5 day/7 figure launch
  • are not ready to commit to taking massive action and seing growth in your business on your terms
  • are not committed to ask and answer hard questions that create lasting change in you.
  • hate hygge and the outdoors, and would rather NOT meet around a campfire.
  • think that you are stronger alone, and would rather not have a community of friends to support you