Yes – there is more to life!

Turn off the autopilot, decide what your dream life looks like, and lets get you there!

If you are not leading you – then who is?

Being human in a modern world means that there are options on how you “should” do your life, on every internet corner. 

The overall message seems to be:

“With my unique formula you can become a better/stronger/faster version of yourself”

But other than leaving you with “all the freebies” and a growing feeling of overwhelm – you have jet to find that thing that you are looking for. 

Its time to start leading yourself to that unique destination that to you equals freedom, hygge and happiness.

*I invite you to a no strings attatched, free clarity call to find out if we might be a good match to move you to your dream life.

How does it work?

Book a call

You book a call through the link and pick a time and day that would work for you.

We then meet online, on zoom, on the day of your choise.

Make plans

We work through the best option for working together to make sure that your dreams can become a reality.

That includes my honest feedback on if I think that I can help you. There are no strings attatched. 


Take action

After our call I will send you a list of suggestions or any resourses we have talked about to make sure you get going in the best way possible. 

Kind words

Malene has an uncanny ability to help you uncover the big picture that you’re really striving for – not just in your business, but your life as a whole. She really, truly listens to everything you’re saying…but more importantly, to everything you’re NOT saying!

She helped me pull the pieces of my ideas together into a cohesive vision, and set me on a clearly marked path that I could start on immediately, to creating a business that was built around my strengths & values and is the perfect fit for me.

She’s positive, inspiring and motivating, always encouraging but endlessly practical, and I highly recommend her. 

Sarah Hanstock

Sarah Hanstock

Malene is an experienced leader who helps people tap into their own leadership potential in a relatable, empathic way.

One of the things I loved about working with Malene is that she challenged me to think about my business differently.

Malene’s energy is logical, methodical and systematic – a much needed balance to my free-spirited creativity. Our brainstorming session helped me clarify what I wanted, and the steps that would help me get where I needed to be. 

The outcome was a rethink of how I appeal to my ideal clients, and a new process for them to get to know me. Thank you Malene!

Amy Garner

Amy Garner