Have you ever had the feeling that you have created a job that you never really wanted. That feeling that you’re truly good at something but the job you have now, inside your own business is actually not the job you want. 

Let me explain. So many entrepreneurs come to me with a feeling of overwhelmed and just not wanting to do their job anymore. That is, the job they have created for themselves inside their own business. However, once we dive into it, it’s not that they don’t want to do the job that they originally thought they would be doing. The problem is that they have lost sight of what it is that they actually wanted to do. What they actually wanted to accomplish with their business. 

It is so easy to do as an entrepreneur. Being someone that has their own business you end up wearing so many hats. You’re supposed to be a genius marketeer, you’re supposed to be amazing at communication, you’re supposed to know what your clients want. You’re supposed to know what the code is when talking to other entrepreneurs,  you’re supposed to know shortcuts and how to do finances. The list seems to go on and on. All in all it’s pretty overwhelming, and most of the time you’re supposed to know stuff about things that is not the thing that you’re good at. 

So let’s say that you’re really good at garden design. And you decide that you start a garden design company. In the beginning everything is great,  you’re doing amazing, you’re talking to people, you get to design some Gardens. But then there’s all of the little things.  How do you make a Facebook campaign to advertise for your new garden design business? How is it when staff come on board may be to do the Facebook campaign, how do you talk to them?  So you’re now learning about having a team hiring people, that means that you need to make some information about the vision and mission of your business. You need to do paychecks, and finances and all that jazz. Before you know it, you’re no longer doing actual gardening design.

It turns out that you have created the job that’s a leader,  an entrepreneur,  financial wizard,  but not actually the job that you wanted of being someone that was in charge of garden design.

I see this happening to so many clients of mine, and to so many entrepreneurs that I talk to.  why? Because no one sits down and thinks about where they want their company to go and how they want the company to get there.

This is my invitation to you. Take some time today or tomorrow if that’s better suited,  but as soon as you can. Take some time to sit down and think about what it is that you actually want from your company. How can you make small changes to get you back to doing what you do best. 

Maybe it’s sitting in on more meetings about the thing that you’re passionate about. Maybe you know that you’re amazing at customer service, but you’ve outsourced it because people said that’s one of the easy things to get a va for. Then claim that job back. You shine better if you take the time to do the things that you are actually good at.

That’s my invitation for you today.  Do more of what you’re amazing at. If you want help with this, you are more than welcome to apply for a free clarity call where you and I go over this together.