Creating your dream business is an adventure, to say the least. Now first I want to congratulate you, because if you are here, and you have a business, you are braver than most people. You did that. You took the leap and started a business that you have dreamed about.

If you are anything like me, that dream started with dream talks. “One day when there is time we will start a business that… ” My husband and I have been having these dream talks ever since we met. Late nights where we would get into the “what if one day” dreams. Oh I live for those nights. I cant think of anything more fun than talk about details about the dreams and how to sculpture a business around something that I am really really good at.

Did you wake up to a business that doesn’t feel like you?

At the end of 2018 – that dream stopped being talks and started being a business. We took the leap and I created a business that was all mine.

As it turns out – once you have your own business you become a lot of things that you never imagined.

There are just so many tasks that comes with running a business. Tasks that was not the things you were good at in the first place.

The business you have created feels nothing like home, and nothing like the thing of your dreams. Deadlines, marketing plans, launches, taxes, website, invoices, contracts – just to name a few. There are plenty of things you need to do, even if its not the thing that you do.

There are plenty of resourses out there to teach you how to do all the things – but maybe that was not what you thought you would do. Maybe, just maybe you were ment to do more of you do best. And then leave all the other things to someone else. Or at the very least you were ment to enjoy those things more than what you do at the moment.

I suggest introducing hygge into your business as the first thing. This will not make your tasks any different. It will not help you outsource any of the things you don’t like doing. But it might just help you reconnect with the business that you have, and send you on a path of doing more of what you actually like doing.

Until next time – remember that you are amazing and that I believe in you!

Big hugs, Malene.