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Since this is the very first episode of the Improve the Now podcast, I’m supposed to “tell you my story.”

But do you know what? Talking about yourself is really bloody hard, especially when you’re trying to make a good first impression.

So, in this episode, I do my best to introduce myself and share a bit about what I do, why I do it, and what you can expect from the podcast.

Who is Malene Fuglsig?

The short version is that I’m Malene, a leadership coach, hygge ambassador (it’s ok, promise I’ll explain that later), mother, entrepreneur, blogger, opportunity hacker, and dreamer.

I live in a small house in the forest in Denmark, where I record this podcast from my garden. I grow my own food, bake at every available opportunity, get distracted by kids, and have a wonderfully chaotic life, just the way I like it.

My passion is leadership, not the corporate, management kind you might be thinking of, but the ability to own your brilliance in this moment, explore what’s possible and start building your dream life, step by small step.

And that’s why I created this podcast. I want it to be a friendly voice – maybe reminding you to breathe deeper, to pause for a moment, or to reach a little further for your version of success. I’ll speak from the heart, share all I can and let you take whatever you need most from it at that time.

Ok, so that’s the fancy version of me. But to make the whole getting to know me thing a bit easier and a bit more interesting, I also decided to share 20 not-so-random facts about myself.

I talk about:
– How I got started in the world of online entrepreneurship and my philosophy of “full-life business.”

– The way I approach leadership (and why it might not be how you think.)

– Where door-to-door phone subscription sales, homemade soap, and a Mongolian travel agency fits into all of that. 

It’s so nice to meet you. Pull up a chair, grab your cup of something warm and let’s do this!

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